Preserving Citizens Sensitive Information with Citizen Service Request Web Application

Idea created by bbladdick_COB_GIS on Aug 17, 2016
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    • bbladdick_COB_GIS

    We are trying to configure a crowd sourcing application for Citizen service requests for our City.

    We want our citizens to enter in their name, phone number, email and address for important contact information to be used by the City to notify the citizen when the issue is resolved.  Since this is a public facing application, once the sensitive information fields are entered, those attributes should be hidden (not-visible) to the other users.


    This is what we want them to input as the one time personal details.


    It looks good on the map box window:



    This is the issue of if they were to open up the editor once again and click the point of any of the points it would be grayed out but still show up the personal information:


    We want this personal information non visible to the public!


    Thank you!