Disable or hide fields by subtype

Idea created by zconlen on Aug 16, 2016

    Subtypes currently allow users to specify different domains for a given field in a feature class. It would be useful to expand this so that we can designate fields that are disabled (or hidden) based on a subtype. Here is my use case:


    I'm creating collector map for staff to collect and edit curb ramps. The curb ramp layer has several types, like parallel ramp, perpendicular ramp, etc... and they share mostly the same attributes, but each type differs slightly in which fields need to be populated. So parallel ramps require fields A,B,C,D while perpendiuclar ramps need A,B,C and E. And so on. Currently, there is no way to accomplish this with collector aside from creating separate FCs for each type, which I'd like to avoid.




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