Create a "Rating" widget for Survey123

Idea created by johnmdye on Aug 10, 2016
    • johnmdye
    • jlarson_Cariboo

    The Likert appearance comes pretty close to this, but it's not quite enough. I'd like to see an use a "Rate" widget in forms where the user can select how many 'stars' they would want to give something.


    For instance, we have a large event happening at my company with multiple presentations going on simultaneously, similar to the Technical Workshops at the UC. We would like users to be able to rate the sessions through the survey, assigning one to five stars.


    Obviously, the widget will ultimately need to me more flexible than that use case, but you can see where I'm going with it. The likert appearance is different in that it's a select_one type. A rating widget should however be a select_multiple type so that if a user selects three stars, the first, second and third star automatically get selected as well, essentially filling three stars in the form.


    The widget should be flexible enough to allow the user to determine what the range of values are for rating (ie. 0-3 stars, 0-5 stars, 0-10 stars, etc) and it would also be pretty neat if we could also specify an imageand fill color that would be used. For instance, maybe I want to rate with tomatoes instead of stars. I should just be able to provide a tomato stoke and tomato filled image. It could even be provided as a single image by creating a sprite with both the stroke and fill symbols.