Natural Language Processing function

Idea created by coledg9816 on Aug 9, 2016
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    I would like to propose that Esri add a Natural Language Processing (NLP) function for geo-coding records that currently have only descriptive locations, e.g., an object was collected, during 1876 in Nebraska, along the right back of the Missouri River 25 miles northwest of its intersection with the Big Sioux River.  This sort of function is available for free by using the GeoLocate program developed by Tulane University.  Currently, third party NLP commercial programs, MetaCarta and LocateXT, are used by the defense and intelligence sectors to obtain geographic coordinates from unstructured text.  What we need, however, is this function to work with structured text, such as in museum database records.  So I'm asking if Esri would be willing to work with Tulane University to incorporate GeoLocate into ArcGIS.