PDF Attachments and Excel config in Survey123

Idea created by deleted-user-FTxtuSQd67Ur on Aug 2, 2016

    I have begun using Survey123 along with Geoform and I am finding things that I love about each that I would really like to implement since neither by themselves has the functionality that I am looking for. 


    I have a very long and complex survey which makes the Excel configuring from Survey123 ideal.  However, I also need people to be able to upload PDF or Word docs, which is not offered in Survey123, but in the Geoform.  This survey would also be open to the public which means that I cannot use Survey123 since it does not support anonymous users which is disappointing.


    The Geoform does not support the Excel customization that Survey123 has and I am not adept enough at Javascript to configure my own Geoform to make up for it.  It would be extremely useful to either make Survey123 accept different types of attachments and allow anonymous users, or to make the Geoform more configurable in the Excel format.


    Don't know if these things are already possible or in the works but it is frustrating to not be able to complete a project since there is restricted functionality in each template type.