Web Map Related Record Attachments

Idea created by ttabor16 on Jul 27, 2016

    TLDR: Implement the data tab view where related record attachments can be shown into the Web Map.


    The Data tab is nice for people managing the data but sharing it through a Web Map or Operations Dashboard is still not available. In other words, it is still difficult to share related record attachments. The ideal place is through the webmap where users can select a location, see related records, and open related record attachments.   I would like the user to be able to click on the point, show related records, and go to the column like in the data tab where you can show photos and files (Image 1). Image 2 shows the Web Map view with a possible location for that column. Ideally, the Web Map builder would be able to customize the table to put that Photos and Files column wherever they want in the table.

         Figure 1. View of related record and attachment Data Tab in AGOL


         Image 2. Related record view in Web Map