Enhancements for the "Near Me" widget in Web AppBuilder

Idea created by bfausel on Jul 26, 2016
    Partially Implemented

    I just discovered the "Near Me" widget today in the Web AppBuilder.  It works great, but there are a few additional settings that I think the administrator should have control over in the WAB Editor:


    1. Allow the ability to show or hide the "Search an address or locate on map" box.  [HIGH PRIORITY]
    2. Allow the ability to change the "Search an address or locate on map" to use organization AGO web maps instead of the default Esri World Geocoder.  Right now, I don't think you can change it.
    3. Allow us to disable the auto-zoom: when a user clicks on the map via "Near Me" it will zoom to either the "default buffer distance" or the "selected feature" extent.
    4. Allow us to re-order the "Select Search Layers."  It currently orders them according to their map service organization.


    Great tool otherwise!