JavaScript Measurement Widget - Allow Units to Display During Draw When Using A Projection Other Than Web Mercator

Idea created by ipeebles on Jul 22, 2016
    • ipeebles
    • cbatterson

    I have a measurement widget that I use, however when drawing a line, the units will not appear until the draw is complete.  When using data projected in Web Mercator, the units will display and calculate as the line is drawn.  Here is an example:


    As the line is in draw mode (web Mercator):



    In my app, units only show when draw is complete since I use a State Plane projection.



    What if a user wants to draw a line at 2000 feet?  How will they know when the line shows a distance of 2000 feet?  At this point, they have to guess the distance.  The units must calculate and display as the line is drawn when using source data that is using a projection system other than web mercator.  Very important widget functionality for the end user.  Need this to work with a state plane projection.