Trusted Data Sharing and Credible Sources

Idea created by SNCAdmin on Jul 13, 2016
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    One of the greatest features of AGOL is the ability to quickly and easily share features services from multiple sources. The content on AGOL has exponentially expanded; however, it is difficult to search for:

    • Trusted content: without a voluntary or required organizational certification; it is unclear if we are sharing features services from trusted agencies and organizations.

              Suggestion: Develop an organizational certification program that validates accounts.

    • Trusted content searching: 
      • In similar fashion to not knowing if an organizational account is trusted; when you use the search for content in AGOL, information is listed by title and user account name. Just as we don’t know if an organization is trusted, it is unclear who a user is and whether the content is trusted. It would be helpful to be able to show the organization name when we search for content and not the specific user too.

         Suggestion: Identify content by organization and make the identifying content by user voluntary. If content is from a verified organization, the content could be identified as such.