Support the DateTimeOffset and TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE column data types

Idea created by gdmarbury on Jul 7, 2016

    Because mobile  and browser users move between time zones as they create data, the nature of data in or age is that each row of a table can be collected in a different time zone.  Because storing all dates as UTC is not always desirable, I suggest ESRI support the various date time data types that are time zone aware so that each date value in a row can know what time zone it was collected in. Time zone aware data types already exists in Oracle, SQL Server , PostgreSQL  and I suspect other RDMS that the Geodatabase supports.


    Sql Server: datetimeoffset (Transact-SQL)

    Oracle: Datetime Datatypes and Time Zone Support ),

    PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL: Documentation: 8.2: Date/Time Types