reduced pricing for viewer only accounts

Idea created by clthompson on Jul 7, 2016

    My State agency often needs to share and coordinate information with potentially hundreds of local officials as well as other state, federal and private sector partners. Often the information we need to share cannot be made public. Most of the audience we need to reach are likely only going to need to view a map or application in AGOL - they will not make maps or feature services, or conduct analysis that consume service credits, nor will they publish web apps.


    Currently, the pricing model for AGOL for an organization that can encompass the full audience we need to reach is not sustainable in an era of decreasing State and Federal budgets.


    I propose that ESRI create a class of named accounts that can only have 'viewer' capabilities, and are either free or which are significantly discounted.  In essence these accounts would have the same capabilities an anonymous user has when visiting the public facing parts of my organizational site but would be managed like other named accounts (invite or remove from groups, etc).