Workforce "Crew Leader" Role

Idea created by matthysj on Jul 6, 2016

    Our organization would like the ability for a worker to create their own work assignments as well as the ability to distribute their own assignments that are assigned to them while using the Workforce worker mobile application.  The use case for this request is that we have inspectors that arrive on site to perform a Workforce Assignment.  While on-site the contractor asks the inspector to perform an unrelated inspection.  Rather than the worker calling into the dispatcher and waiting for the dispatcher to create a new assignment, the worker would like the ability to create the assignment in the field and self-assign.  Our use case for a worker to redistribute or assign out their own work, is that we have field workers that often need to redistribute their work load throughout the day as work demands change. It would be helpful if a field worker can re-distribute their own work. Our thought is that this could be a new role, maybe a crew leader role, that can create their own work and re-assign work that is in their queue.  This role would not be able to create work of others or re-distribute others work, that would still be reserved for the dispatcher.