Add a 'Historic' field to the Linepoint Attribute table in a Parcel Fabric

Idea created by smoussadji on Jun 29, 2016
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    In the Parcel Fabric, parcels, points, and lines all contain a 'Historic' field in their respective attribute tables. This means that when I turn off historic parcels in my fabric (right click on the Parcel Fabric from the Table of Contents> Properties> History, and toggle the option that shows only parcels with no system end date), all the parcels, lines, and points that have been flagged as historic are no longer visible. This all works great, but there is no way to mark a line point as historic. This means that I can be left with line points that do not appear to serve a purpose in my parcel fabric. It would be ideal to have the ability to mark line points as historic so they can also be removed from the display when historic parcels are turned off.


    In the example below, I start off with one large square:


    I then add a smaller parcel that cuts the large square in half and I create the necessary line points during the join process:

    My next step is to create a parcel remainder, and mark the original large square as historic. I am not viewing my historic parcels, so after I create the remainder, all I am left with on my screen is two smaller parcels. In that case, the line points are not necessary, however, they are still displayed in my parcel fabric:




    I would like to see line points have the ability to be flagged as historic, similar to how line, points, and parcels are flagged as historic.