Collector App: Allow "Copy Feature" for features with relationships

Idea created by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage on Jun 21, 2016

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    Collector app supports Copying a Feature is the feature does not participate in a relationship with another object.  However, once your feature participates in a relationship with a table, etc., the Copy Feature functionality is no longer available to Collector app users.


    In our Sign and Pole Inventory, initially modeled after the Local Government Information Model, we were using the Copy Feature in Collector App to Add Features to existing locations. For example, in our workflow (as is needed by the LGIM), Signs and Poles must have coincident boundaries in order to be later associated to each other using the Attribute Assistant Add-in.  When users were adding a new sign to the inventory, they would select the existing sign (or pole, based on its coincident geometry with existing signs), in order to "Copy the Location, add a different Feature".


    When requirements changed for the project however, we needed to add a Log for the physical inventory, so we related "log" tables to our Sign and Pole feature classes. What we did not realize was that in doing so, we would be losing the "Copy" feature in Collector app, which introduced a new level of data collection "error" for field staff (and subsequently, more back office GIS fixing to correct these geometries). Which made me think the Copy feature was taken away altogether in Collector app


    So this idea is to either Allow Copy Features functionality for features that participate in a relationship, AND/OR, to add snapping functionality in Collector App.  Not sure if this Idea should merge with Snapping request, so I created this idea. However, if you vote for this idea, please also vote for snapping.


    Either function would accomplish what we need for our workflow.