Tracking data manipulations within ArcGIS Online

Idea created by mbrueningesi on Jun 21, 2016
    • mbrueningesi

    The idea is to enable tracking for the manipulation of data housed within ArcGIS Online (AGOL) feature services. This will enable AGOL Administrators the ability to see which application (Collector, Survey123, AGOL web interface - Data Tab, Custom built app, & etc.) was used to manipulate the data within a feature service. This information would only be available to certain roles; Administrators or Customized Admins, to allow for further QA/QC of the data and how it has been created or edited.


    The idea is to have similar tracking applied as we do within [Track Edits] with Creator, CreationDate, Editor, and EditDate, but instead have 2 additional fields that are created and named [AppOrigins] and [AppEdited]. The [AppOrigins] field would be used to track which application was used to create the data, while the [AppEdited] field would be used to track which applications was last used to manipulate the data. The [AppOrigins] field would be a static field that would not change, but the [AppEdited] would have the ability to change and would ideally contain the last application used to edit the data.


    This could be set up to pull that information in the same manner as track edits does for the usernames; but based off of a tag within each of the applications. The list would be consistent; like a domain, - Collector, Survey123, AGOL Web Map, AGOL Details Data tab, Custom Application, ArcGIS Desktop and so forth.




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