Ship ArcGIS System Monitor with ArcGIS Server Purchases

Idea created by deleted-user-8KkqhMYcTNGx on Jun 17, 2016

         I would like to request that The most recent version of ArcGIS System Monitor be shipped with ArcGIS server purchases, and supported under maintenance. I would also like to suggest that those whom have already purchased ArcGIS Server be able to access the current version of System Monitor for a minimal addition to their current maintenance agreement.

         I believe that this product is instrumental in maintaining an ArcGIS Server infrastructure. In my experience, my team out-grew our ArcGIS server infrastructure without even knowing it. Had we implemented ArcGIS System Monitor from the beginning, we would have had a better understanding of how ArcGIS Server works, and could have been proactive in adding more servers than we were.

         Please help GIS teams Maintain their ArcGIS infrastructures by making System Monitor more easily available.