Automatically remove older, committed jobs in the Parcel Fabric Jobs Table

Idea created by smoussadji on Jun 13, 2016
    Under Consideration

    Parcel Fabric jobs are automatically managed for you with the jobs table. There is not a lot of value in keeping older, committed jobs in the jobs table, so we would like to see an enhancement implemented where committed jobs that are older than 6 months be automatically deleted from the jobs table. This idea was initially posted in this forum post:


    Parcel fabric job book management


    Also, discussion on the fact that there is no adverse affect in clearing out committed jobs is discussed in this forum post:


    Parcel fabric job book


    The same idea could also be applied to the Adjustment Vectors table in the Parcel Fabric, where vectors older than 6 months (for example), are automatically deleted from the table.


    Having this automated way of cleaning up both the Jobs table as well as the Vectors table will reduce bloat in the geodatabase.