Storing Positional Accuracy of GeoPoints

Idea created by ichivite-esristaff Employee on May 27, 2016

    Problem Definition: Understanding the positional accuracy of data captured in the field is important. Sometimes it is important to know if a point in a map represents the actual and exact location of an asset or event, or if the point is within a particular distance.  To help with this problem, it is handy to be able to persist as an attribute of the captured point its positional accuracy.


    The Location Accuracy Threshold is handy, but it does not serve the purpose of storing the actual positional accuracy of the point captured.


    Idea: As the author of a Survey123 for ArcGIS Survey, I would like to define a question in my Survey where the positional accuracy as reported by the field device is stored.


    Here is how this could work in XLSForm speak. I made up the name of the expression getHAccuracy.




    If support for such a getHAccuracy function was added, then I could also use it in other scenarios. For example: I could pop a warning with a note if the Horizontal Accuracy were not good enough for me. For example:




    I could even use it in a constraint, to make sure no location is submitted unless a particular positional accuracy threshold is reached.


    The positional accuracy, as reported by some consumer devices is to be taken with a grain of salt, but having some way to store this information would  always be valuable. If combining Survey123 for ArcGIS with a more sophisticated GNSS receiver, the use of this function would be even more interesting.