Option to supress field calculator warning dialog in model builder

Idea created by guilletvm on Apr 12, 2016
    • Hornbydd
    • rchasan
    • guilletvm
    I ran into an issue with model builder where I was calculating a string field to a new numberic (integer field).  The majority of the data in my string field were valid integer values but there were 2 or 3 records that had alpha characters in the data.  When I manually run the tool in th model I get the normal warning from the field calculator that it has encountered a record that can not be converted but I have the ability to continue an process the rest of the rows, while the offending values/rows are skipped.  I was okay with skipping the rows but didn't want to have to answer the warning dialog each time I run the model/tool.  I would like an option to supress warning dialogs of all kinds in model builder.  This would be similar to supressing warning messages in MS Access when you run a series of macros.  If a model/tool/python script stops to prompt the user each time there is a not-fatal error, such as this warning, it ruins the ability to autmoate the process using scripting techniques.