Add option to hide organization user list (Role)

Idea created by AlisonJSlaats on Apr 7, 2016

    Currently in ArcGIS Online, you can create different roles and this is very useful. However, currently ALL roles that are predefined, or user-defined, allow anyone to view a complete list of ALL users in an organization (under My Organization) and view the following information about them:
    - Full name (First Name, Last Name)
    - Username (that is used to log in)
    - Last login date
    - Role
    - Groups owned by a user
    - Items owned by a user
    - photo (if available)
    - bio (if available)


    I'd like the option in a role to hide the organization user list and all the accompanying user profiles items listed above from a given role.


    I especially think sharing user name and role is especially important to be able to hide. Currenly, any member of an organization can see everyone else's log in name and also who is an Administrator. I just don't think this is very secure.


    Thanks for your interest!