Summary Statistics Workflow in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by csmith7553 on Mar 29, 2016

    Finding the Summary Statistics for a specific field in ArcGIS Desktop is possible with a few clicks, directly from the attribute table of a feature class. The results are displayed in a pop-up.

    In ArcGIS Pro, the process is much more complex. The current tool for summary statistics in ArcGIS Pro requires the user to identify the field and statistic desired. If multiple statistics are desired, the user must iterate through each field/statistic combination.

    I propose a feature which allows users to right click on a field in the attribute table in order to select Summary Statistics for that field, similar to ArcGIS Desktop. An additional feature, though certainly not central to my request, would be the option to export the results to a table.

    I like the speed of ArcGIS Pro for geoprocessing and some tools. The Summary Statistics function seems to be a step backward for speed and ease of use.

    Thank you for your consideration.