ArcGIS Online / Portal Timeslider: respect out-of-range end-dates

Idea created by DSlayback on Mar 22, 2016
    Partially Implemented
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    The time-slider in ArcGIS Online and Portal will allow you to set end-dates outside the range of the actual data, will use those settings in your current/live session, and will save those settings when you SAVE the web map. However, when you reopen /reload that saved web map, if those set start or end dates are outside the range of the data source, the time-slider defaults to the full range of dates in the data source.

    In our case, this is problematic because we are constantly updating the source data (a mosaic dataset), and would like the current data to be available to users without them having to update the time-slider themselves (a somewhat clunky task, which they may not realize is available). Or without us having to update it on a daily basis.

    Thus, we would like to either be able to set the enddate of the time-slider some days into the future, OR, even better, have a setting such that it is set to the most recent data in the data source. With independent control of the start date. 

    Note the time-slider in WebApp Builder already works like this - it respects the start/end dates in the web map, and displays the time-slider only for that date range.

    Equally (or perhaps more) important would be a setting for the time-slider to initiate at the end of available data. This has already been submitted here:
    Timeslider default start date