Web App Builder - Mobile Popup - Need to be able to increase popup tolerance

Idea created by ipeebles on Mar 16, 2016

    We have a web app builder application that works well in both desktop and mobile.  We have a popup configured for identifying information on a feature.  The problem is that in the mobile environment, the popup tolerance cannot be set by WAB or ArcGIS Online.  We have received user feedback that they have to click a few times to get the popup to appear in mobile.  To get the popup to appear, you have to click exactly on the point.

    The enhancement/idea is to add the ability to increase the popup tolerance for the mobile environment, that way a user can tap just outside of the graphic and still get the popup to appear.  A mouse click and tap on a device are much different.

    Bottom line is that the end user must have the best experience in the mobile environment and not have to constantly tap on a feature to get the popup to appear, therefore this is where increasing the popup tolerance will come in handy.

    If the user constantly has to tap on a feature to get the popup to appear, they will think that the functionality does not work and may be reluctant to ever use the application again.

    Please give us app developers the ability to increase the tolerance for popups in mobile, if it is 10, 20, or 50 pixels.

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