Improve Named User Management Tools

Idea created by bharen on Mar 7, 2016

    I'm an AGOL admin that manages over 150 accounts (and growing) from a user base that spans a variety or organizations. Many of these accounts are assigned just for specific projects and then the users are deleted and the account re-harvested for use by another user. There's a lot of turn over in our AGOL accounts. We need better management tools within the named user account environment, specifically:

    • Fields where we can enter information such as company or organization name and project name. The ability to pre-code these fields with standardized inputs (domain values) would be great
    • The ability to set a 'time out' date on an account. For example, if we know a user has an account just for a specific project and that project has a close-out date then we need to be able to set a 'Disable' date to have the account automatically disable on the close-out date.
    • We need to be able to do bulk management actions against users within the AGOL environment - for example the ability to search for users who belong to a certain contractor group and set all their accounts to 'Disabled' using a single transaction.