ArcGIS Online web map export/import

Idea created by mharner on Mar 1, 2016
    • fgillen01
    • mharner
    • DDunnill_MC
    • BobGallo
    It would be nice to export a web map as an XML file, similar to how you can export an XML Workspace Document from a geodatabase.  Conversely, having the ability to import an XML to create or update a web map would be great.  This could be used for backing up web maps, with all of the layers and services and pop-ups etc.  Currently I have had to rebuild entire web maps if I change the properties of one of the services in the web map, and it is a bit frustrating.  Other than an XML, maybe a file that ArcGIS Pro could create, from a web map, and edit, then update a web map with the edited file.