Provide the ability to choose what kind of Line Points are created during a Join

Idea created by smoussadji on Feb 29, 2016
    • mhillig1
    • fconkling
    • zax_gis
    • smoussadji

    When you are creating a line point manually, you have the option of choosing if you want a flex point or a regular line point to be created with the 'bend the line to the linepoint' parameter; however, no such parameter exists when you are joining a new parcel into the parcel fabric. This means you have no control over whether regular line points or flex points are being created. Also, unless you alter the default symbology of the line point layer in the parcel fabric, the user has no idea what type of line point is being created. Please provide a parameter on the join dialog box that allows the user to specify what sort of line point gets created during the join process.