Allow data collection from Collector for ArcGIS & ArcGIS Online for public view without editing permission

Idea created by mvuong on Feb 11, 2016

    In ArcGIS Online, you can disable editing on a feature service so you can share to everyone for public viewing without editing permission.  If you need to edit, then you right click on the feature service and select "Add layer to new map with full editing control".

    However, Collector for ArcGIS will have a problem if editing is disabled on a feature service because you can't add data to this service.

    We want to allow our users to add data using the Collector for ArcGIS and have a map showing the live data collected opened to the public without editing permission so the public cannot edit our data. 

    We can make a copy of that feature service and disable editing for public view map.  However, this is no longer live and require us to manually perform this task every time we want to sync the data which is not a good work around solution.