AGO - Group Permissions - Override User Permissions

Idea created by 1_A.C on Feb 2, 2016
    • gisbert61
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    • 1_A.C
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    Currently AGO groups do not have edit permissions set at their level. It's either at the user level or at the Service, app or map level.

    A map service that is "editable" should be able to be shared with multiple groups (say Field staff and Managers) in which the Field group may get permission to Add new data, however Managers may have full control to edit and update, or perhaps only viewing the data. Likewise departments within an organization may need to view data but not need to edit it. While this can be "solved" by creating multiple map services for viewers and editors, the problem could be better addressed by assigning editing permissions to the group.
    It would also be nice if a user level permission could be set, and groups override permissions for the given users in that group for the specific service in which they are assigned.