Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) Layer List widget enhancements

Idea created by hrastche on Jan 21, 2016
    Dear Web AppBuilder team, please consider the following enhancement requests:
    1. Add a "zoom to layer extent" to the current "Enable Pop-up; Open Attribute Table, Description" drop down menu on the right. 
    2. Show the Description of the layer when a user hovers over the layer in the Layer List widget or when the user click on Description in the drop down menu on the right. Currently the user is taken to the arcgis/rest/services page which is not very sightly for non-technical users and usually requires the user to log in first. 
    3. Expose some of CSS for the Layer List items in the widget configuration. It would be great to have ability to manipulate the indentation and spacing between layer list items without having to go through the CSS.