AppStudio for ArcGIS (web version) - apps displayed

Idea created by ceteagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Jan 20, 2016
    Not in Current Product Plan

    When you are logged into the web version of AppStudio for ArcGIS it would be nice to see a list of apps that are shared with you as well as those that you created yourself.
    For example if a collegue had created a Native Application called "Graffiti locations" and shared it with an ArcGIS Online group you are part of and has then requested that you add your content to the app you should be able to do this without having the ownership of the app changed to your ArcGIS Online member profile.
    I percieve in creating this idea that there might be some issues around implementing this functionality such as

    • exclusive ownership of the app for editing purposes
    • multiple people editing the app at the same time
    • add the fact that this might be better enabled in the desktop version of AppStudio for ArcGIS