Issues/Dislikes of ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by thennig4822 on Jan 20, 2016
    I can see where ArcGIS Pro is going but the more I’m using it, the more I do not like it.
    1.  The identifying relationships don’t work.  I’ve call technical support regarding this and have not heard anything from them.
    2. You cannot open more than one ArcGIS Pro session on the same computer.  In real life you are working on multiple projects and sometimes at the same time.  Not one at a time.  In ArcGIS I can open the software as many times.  ArcGIS Pro does not allow this.
    3.  Working in CAD files is not the same as ArcGIS.  It’s annoying.
    4. The ribbons are nice.  However, I find that I need to use a specific tool on a different ribbon and this becomes more inefficient when working in the ArcGIS Pro environment.  Too many clicks.
    5. The project folder is nice, however I don’t see the relationship.  So now are we to have multiple geodatabases in each project or temporary GDB.  Connection parameters, etc.
    6. Speaking of DB connection you have to reenter each DB connection for a new project?  Who thought of that?  The software can’t remember a DB connection when setting up a new project?
    7. I like the separate ArcCatalog when working with a geodatabase.  I find developing a GDB is a little more challenging regarding working in a small window.  I like the catalog.  Why not load another GUI.
    8. Lack of symbology/styles and if you want an old style you have to import them one at a time from ArcGIS.
    After taking training in ArcGIS I was impressed.  However, now that I am working in ArcGIS; I can see a lot of issues and dislikes about the software. 
    I like the software, but there needs to be more thought into this.  Obviously, this will be the replacement to ArcGIS X.X.