Allowing relate Attachments and map services

Idea created by troybum on Jan 13, 2016
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    My post is related to  It is a little different, in that all attachments are enabled thorugh a relationship class, and when enabled on the feature class directly I have no problem exposing them through various ESRI products.  But, if the relationship class/enable attachments is not against a feature class, perhaps just a simple table, they can not be published through any sort of map services.  My specific use case is that I have a single location, which has multiple visits.  Each visit may have multiple photos.  This scenario seems relatively simple and reasonable and I don't believe I am the first one to come up with this notion.  We don't want to create the feature several times.  We want to create unique visits, which accomplish unique and date-specific tasks, and attach our photos of that visit to the record of the visit.  Then we want to relate the visit tables(by type of visit) to the features.  Say my photos were some other type of document, and we might want several people to review a single document, and store a unique record of each review with a marked up copy, related to the original document.  And the feature may have multiple document records - say a site drawing, a permit, a lease agreement.  Like I said I can't be the first to have this idea or need.  I would sure like to see ESRI figure out how to expose any related attachments through all product lines.