ArcGIS Online: Add legend, return to intro slide options for map tour

Idea created by ereillybram on Jan 5, 2016
    • bradleyhbobbitt
    • ereillybram
    • BrackeH
    • Philip@PublicWorks
    • BlueWaterGIS
    Map tours are a great story map tool to lead readers through a series of projects, places, etc. But they would be even better if there was an option to have a dropdown legend similar to what's available in map journals. As it is, the points are color-coded but unless you custom-make one for an introduction slide or use html in your subtitle to explain the categories with text users can not quickly distinguish what's what.

    In addition to the obstacle of the missing legend in map tours, there is no way to navigate back to the introduction slide after beginning the tour. Users should not have to refresh the page to return to the introduction--even a simple "Return to Introduction" button would suffice.