Parcel Fabric: Joining to Radial Lines

Idea created by on Dec 29, 2015
    • cfalconer
    • agarrett528
    • mhillig1
    • Kandace454
    • Clindeman_MC
    • kathyr
    • gundekjg

    When joining or rejoining to the parcel fabric, radial lines should not be selectable when creating join links. Or at least have an option to turn off/on the selectability of the radial lines. Sometimes the "create join link" box tool will grab onto the radial line instead of the parcel boundary line when both lines are really close but not exact, which results in slivers and gaps in the fabric. Even when zooming all the way down to a 1:1 scale to fix the join link, it can sometimes be hard to determine which line is the boundary and which is the radial.