The 'ManageMapServerCacheTiles' tool should have an option 'Recache Where There Are Blank Tiles'

Idea created by ccabanero on Apr 1, 2010
     Currently the 'ManageMapServerCacheTiles' tool allows options like 'Recreate Empty Tiles' and 'Recreate All Tiles'.  It would be nice if there was an option 'Recreate Blank Tiles' - meaning, if the GIS Server incorrectly created a blank tile (when there was actually data which seems a bit common) it will try again.  In the past, while setting cache on demand we've found tiles to sometimes be blank where there was actually data.  Using 'Recreate Empty Tiles' didn't work because there was a tile - but the GIS Server created it as blank.  We didn't want to 'recreate all tiles' because it would take too long.  So it would be cool if the tool could re-do the cache for all tiles that existed but are blank images.