Symbol Values that Automatically change

Idea created by rborchert on Dec 28, 2015
    • gemoore76
    • rborchert

    Not exactly certain how to describe this.
    This is Electric GIS description but could apply to anything
    Ok we have a bunch of switches.  They are numbered 02 through 53 at the moment and as we add more the number will go up.
    An unnumbered switch appears as the top one.
    When a user adds a new switch, like I just added 53, I want the ## to change to 53.  Dynamically.  Now if the scale stayed the same all the time I could play around with labels for the number.
    Now this Symbol is 4 parts.  The Green hollow square, the ligher green back fill and two #'s (number signs)
    If it would be worked for each # read an attribute and change to match it could greatly reduce the need to create many multiple symbols and when a new switch is made the symbols whould not need to be updated in each and every MXD that uses it.

    This would not be just for these switches, but Section Centers, Substations or anything that is numbered and symbolize off that number.  Well for letters or other symbols as well.