Assign edit right to individual feature(s) and attributes

Idea created by dhs_heriford on Dec 17, 2015
    I work for two large health and human services agencies for the state of Oregon with limited GIS resources.  We track thousands of locations across the state covering all schools, SNAP/WIC retailers, afforable housing, medical providers and service facilities to name a few.  How to catpure really time changes from non-GIS people and limit what they can change.  Example,
    1. Provided each school principal with an AGOL account
    2. Assign the attribute only edit rights for a school location/boundary based on their AGOL account
    3. Principal can log into an AGOL application with their AGOL and update their school closer information, but not a nearbing school or move a point by accident as I wouldn't give them edit feature rights.