Identify Widget For AGOL Web Apps

Idea created by anja.nothdurft_CC_GIS on Dec 4, 2015

    It would be really great if an Identify widget could be added for the AGOL Web Apps. Ideally the widget would allow you to select which layers to identify from and would provide a popup with results from all identifiable layers (similar to the Information Lookup template). I've tried using Web App Builder Developer and using other identify widgets people have created but I'm not a programmer and have run into all kinds of difficulties going this route. Therefore, it would be ideal to have this widget ready made. I need this kind of widget for a variety of web apps for my organization and it seems kind of common sense to have it included as one of the default widgets. An example of how I see it being used is for a school districts app, where you can choose whether to identify elementary, middle, or high school districts (or all of them at the same time) for a particular address. The Information Lookup app template came close to doing what I wanted, but it wouldn't allow the layer list or legend to be visible, which was a necessity for my project.