RCE attribute sets should include retire/merge/prevent_illegal perference in profile.

Idea created by kmunro on Nov 20, 2015
    • kelley_bc
    • kmunro
    • shaelyni
    • Shvach.1
    In R&H, active linear events can legitimately be:
    1. contiguous & non-overlapping
    2. contiguous and overlapping
    3. non-contiguous & overlapping
    4. contiguous & overlapping
    Editing behaviour options like retire overlap and merge coincident events should be set differently by the technicial for each to avoid unwanted duplicates or avoid unitentional retirement of overlapping events. Attribute sets if designed properly, will group these like event types. If attribute sets could be stored/deployed with retire/merge preferences, the user would not need to remember to check/uncheck controls, adding more safeguards to data integrity.