Schema Locking Control

Idea created by 343775 on Nov 17, 2015
    For those users who do not use SDE and work in a multi-user environment there exist a problem with the current schema locking logic.

    User A opens an MXD file schema locking places a lock on those files.  User B open another MXD containing some of the files loaded in User A's MXD.  User B cannot edit the file until User A has exiting the MXD regardless of the fact that User A is NOT editing the file.  I understand the premise of schema locking, however, I feel there is a better solution that would serve smaller organizations like mine.

    My Solution...
    User A opens an MXD file.  User B open another MXD containing some the the files User A has open.  If User B attempts to edit the file a message is sent to User A requesting permission to "TAKE CONTROL" of the file in question.  If User A has the file open for edit they may reject the request.  If they do not have the file open for editing, which is the 99% scenario, then they release the file to User B.