WebAppBuilder - Searching /Querying/Results - via Joins in Map Services

Idea created by Bayswater53 on Nov 15, 2015
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    Problem - Duplication on Searching to derived similar results for the same property.

    We have many similar search/queries eg, "Search by Property Address" for multiple Map Services, eg Property Map Service, Town Planning Map Service, Waste Map Service , Valuation Map Service, Electoral Map Service, Development Application Map Service, etc . With the current Search and Query Widgets in WAB you can only query one map service at a time and this becomes painful for end users needing to reapply the same search and map zoom on another map service to get similar information for the same property.

    Proposed Solution - Allow administrators to build Joins on Map Services in Search/Query Widgets.

    Would it be possible to include functionality in the Search / Query Widgets, to allow JOINS on map services that have a relationship to each other eg Pin Number, so the end user could conduct one search and return only the searched information in multi tabs in the Attribute widget from the joined map services. Eg Property Map Service tab, Waste Map Service tab, Town Planning Map Service tab, etc.  

    I have built a query layer in ArcMap and published this to a map service for all related property information to try and get around this issue, however performance issues arise and the query layer becomes unmanageable in terms of long list with no structure when trying to return results.