Group ZIP codes to create new territories

Idea created by SBall-esristaff Employee on Nov 13, 2015
    An idea we are considering is the ability to group known geographies (such as ZIP codes) together to create new sales territory areas. These new areas could then be published back to ArcGIS and shared as their own layer. For example, if Sue is assigned to ZIP codes 1 and 2, and Bob is assigned to ZIP codes 3 and 4, you could create a new territory called SUE that consists of the entire areas of ZIP codes 1 and 2 merged together and a territory called BOB that is ZIP codes 3 and 4 merged together. If this sounds useful, vote for this idea! Also leave feedback if you have more comments or specifics you'd like to see as part of this workflow.

    Scott Ball
    Product Manager, Esri Maps for Office