Gauge Widget Improvements - Operations Dashboard

Idea created by KKarthikeyan-esristaff Employee on Nov 2, 2015
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    1) As of now the Operations Dashboard has only one threshhold limit in the Gauge. It would be better if we can have multiple optional threshold limits in a gauge (Ex: Low, Medium, High; two thresholds). In this way the dashboard manager can effectively view business workflows, that may have more than one threshold limit. If the threshold limits are labeled, we could call them in the alerts as well.

    2) We have an option of "Raising Alerts when the value is below threshold". It would be ideal if we even have an option to raise alerts when the value increases beyond the threshold. In this way critical statistics with values greater than the threshold value can be effectively monitored. Ex: High Temperature, Excess Load Limit etc.

    3) Introduce a target value that summarizes an operation performed on one or more attributes in a table. For ex; Maximum Value = {Adult_Population} + {Child_Population} + {Senior_Population}; Threshold Value = 0.75 * ({Adult_Population} + {Child_Population} + {Senior_Population}). This would be a great workflow in the Summary Widget and Feature Details Widget as well.