AGO/Portal Named User Pricing Tiers by Role

Idea created by FDACS_GIS on Oct 19, 2015

    Please consider devising a tiered pricing structure for named users of AGO/Portal based on role or privileges. Pricing would increase as role privileges are expanded. 


    We are a large organization (4,300+) that would like to leverage Collector, Dashboard, and other products, but cannot absorb the cost of named user accounts as currently  priced. The majority of our users need view only privileges but with access controls (authentication) for different business areas, or only need editing privileges, or need access to Esri premium content, etc. 
    Pricing based on the primary named user roles:
    User - $10/person/year
    Publisher - $1,500/person/year
    Administrator - $3,000/person/year


    Ideally, base pricing on assigned privileges (or diversify the User primary role):
    Viewer - $10/person/year
    Editor - $250/person/year
    Analyst - $500/person/year
    Publisher - $1,500/person/year
    Administrator - $3,000/person/year


    The price structure for primary/secondary 'maintenance' for every 5 units could also be applied following the initial purchase (i.e. renewed subscriptions).


    This Idea has been marked as a duplicate of reduced pricing for viewer only accounts  by Katie Cullen. Please consider voting for this Idea.