ArcGIS Online feature service edit rights control

Idea created by GemeenteGoes on Sep 28, 2015
    We ar using one feature layer in different apps, one is editable and the other non-editable for the public.
    and the map is also embedded in a website
    Currently we have to share this editable service with everyone to create a map that is shared with everyone. We can disable the editing in the webmap, but the service is still shared with everyone, so anyone with a arcgis online account could search for this layer and edit it. 
    I recieved a possible solution from Esri Netherlands support  (Laura van der Helm) that i want to share.
    She suggested to devide the feature service edit options into 3 catagories.
    1. editable / not editable for everyone
    2. editable for a specified group
    3. editable for our own organisation