Tool "Contour Annotation" is not feature-linked

Idea created by anjaseckel on Sep 25, 2015
    • Hornbydd
    • anjaseckel
    • rchasan
    Problem: The tool "Contour Annotation" (under ArcToolbox --> Cartography Tools --> Annotation) creates annotations of contour-lines which are not feature-linked. If you want to add the ZVH (height) - number of a non-labeled contour-line, it is not possible to pick up the value automatically.
    Reason: There are some contour-lines which are not labeled in the map. The user don't know whether it is a deperession or a mound. That is why the cartographer has to label such contour-lines additionally after the creation of the contour-annotations by the tool. It would be nice to create feature-linked annotations by the tool to make the work of the producer easier.