Support for Microsoft RemoteApp services

Idea created by on Sep 24, 2015

    ESRI should provide support for ArcGIS running in RemoteApps.

    We've recently made ArcGIS available via the Microsoft RemoteApp service, which allows ArcGIS to be presented as a standalone application, even though it's running remotely on a Windows Terminal Server.  At the university where I work, this is the next step in virtualization of our computing labs - our roadmap includes the likely use of terminals/NUCs/slim PCs to connect to applications, without the need to install on a local hard drive. Customers will see links to RemoteApps to which they're entitled, and get the apps running from our datacenter.

    This needs support for several reasons:

    • It enables us to streamline our computing lab environment, and save money on infrastructure
    • It gives IT much better control of the application.
    • It's Mac-compatible!  Our Mac users will not need to run VMs on their own computers - they can connect directly in to our system.  85% of students in our intro ArcGIS class are using Macs.
    • The technology scales well, and allows for users to have better CPU/GPU performance than they otherwise might.
    Providing RemoteApp support can be the next step in use of ArcGIS in managed environments.