Allow Operations Dashboard Widgets to filter related records based on selections in map or another widget

Idea created by rabannister on Sep 23, 2015

    Related tables and features are difficult to navigate in the current version of Operations Dashboard. Allowing widget filters to be based on an attribute from the selected item in another widget would create a more dynamic interaction allowing for much more intuitive data discovery. Consider a case where a point feature class is related to a table containing inspection data. When you click on the point the List widget showing the table records would be filtered by the related attribute showing you only the inspection records related to that point. Similarly a chain of relationships could be navigated. A polygon representing an impoundment related to a table with inspections related to points representing spot observations with picture attachments. Click on the pond on the map and the List widget shows you the related inspections from the table, click the inspection and a feature details widget shows you the attributes from the related points and pictures.