Scale dependent symbology

Idea created by CraigCleveland on Apr 1, 2010
    I'd love to see the ability to have scale dependent symbology within a single layer.  Currently, to mimic this functionality a user will typically copy & paste a layer a handful of times, symbolize and set scale dependencies as appropriately, and then group within the TOC.  An example of this would be with a very small scale you just want to see interstates, then as a user zooms in interstates and state roads and when they zoom in further yet all roads.  The copy/paste/group work around works in most situations, but when a map is distributed to less advanced users or published as an ArcGIS Server service for instance, users see a layer 3 times within a group and are thoroughly confused.  If nothing else it's just  a little less than ideal.  It would be great if that same symbology with scale dependency could be handled within an individual layer!