Dissolve Route Events add functionality

Idea created by LucasKaim on Sep 14, 2015
    • LucasKaim
    • dkeller@wsdot
    The goal is to summarize an event table by attribute. I wish the Dissolve Route Event tool also let one summarize similarly to how the Dissolve Management tool works. Let’s say I have road condition as an event table. Fair, medium and poor are the attribute values in the event table. I want to summarize road condition by route summing all the distances. I would also like to do this at the network level. The current workflow that I am using to achieve this is to take the event table convert it to a feature class and then run Dissolve Management. It would be helpful to have a tool to do this and not have to convert it to a feature class. I know I could make a custom tool to do this using a join and insert cursor without having to convert the event table to a feature class, but I would think this functionality could be built into the Dissolve Route Event tool. This should be similar to the dissolve management tool which allows one to sum values.